Partition recovery after fast format MBWE 500Gb blue rings


this is what I’ve done (yes I know I’m stupid):

  • had a working MBWE

  • disk space was 500Gb but only showing as free the half

  • disconnected the disk and put it in a WIndows PC

  • erased all the existing partitions and made a fast format

  • tried to put the disk again in the MBWE thinking it had a ROM

  • discovered it has not a ROM

Now I have a single 500Gb NTFS partition disk and would like to recover the old partitions USING A WINDOWS SOFTWARE because I don’t know Linux language. I dont’ need to recover the datas, just the partiotions to let the MBWE work again. Tried with testdisk but no way to undestand how to correctly use it.

Any suggestion for a software running under Windows who is able to recover the old partiotions on the disk?

Thank you so much!

Hi there!!

You can use MiniTool Partition Wizard to partition the drive as EXT3, which is the original format of that drive and see if it helps!!

Hi and thank you.

I’ve tried this software and all seemed to be ok (VIZ I was able to rescue the old partition), but when inserting newly the disk inside the MBWE no results: no flashing blue lights or other. The disk is rotating and just at the beginning there is a sound that let me think it’s reading some data, but just for few seconds, no more.

So I’m not sure that the rescue operations are gone well.

As written in an other post here, is there a Windows executable that automatically restores the original partitions on the disk?

Thanks again.

Sorry dude, I’m not aware of such tool and is not on WD’s website.

What if you contact WD and see if they have it or if something else can be done?

There is no way for users to reinstall the OS that ships on any of our WD Network Drives once you format the drive outside of the Drive’s interface. You will need to check your warranty to see if you can RMA the drive and get a replacement one in exchange.

Wow, this is not a good new…

Anyway, I’d like to expose my actual situation;  the disk I’ve rescued (or so I hope) after the fast format present the following partitions in the order I can see in XP’s disk mangaement:

  • partition 1 - 24 Mb - not allocated

  • partition 2 - 2,80 Gb - whole (unknown partition)

  • partition 3 - 102 Mb - not allocated

  • partition 4 - 965Mb - whole (unknown partition)

  • partition 5 - 461,89Gb - whole (unknown partition)

What is wrong with it?

I remember this could be the same configuration before the format operation.

Here is info on the partition wizard mentioned.

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