Partition problem on 6TB My Book Studio II (RAID 1, single partition)

I’m trying to recover the data on my 2 year old 6TB My Book Studio II (RAID 1, single partition). Whenever I connect it to any Windows PC, You-need-to-format-the-disk-before-you-can-use-it always pops up. I think the data may still be intact because I can see the partition in Windows Disk Management tool. This also happened before when it was just a few weeks old. Since the data was just a few hundred megabytes, I decided to just reformat the disks. But after 2 years and more than 2TB of data later, that is not an option anymore.

I might need a different approach to data recovery (hopefully I can just restore the partition table) considering that the device is preformatted to HFS+, is more than 2TB and is RAID configured. Any recommended data/partition recovery software will be much appreciated.

If the drive is configured on RAID the data is already backed up then…

If not, try using Minitool Data Recovery

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