Partition list issue after clone

I cloned my 1tb hard drive which had 5 partitions to a Blue NAND SSD 500gb.

Before the clone, my partitions were as follows;

Partition 1 (EFI system partition) 500mb
C drive 916.78gb (Primary Partition)
Partition 4 (Healthy Recovery Partition) 595mb … according to reagentc /info holds Windows 10 recovery
Partition 5 (Healthy Recovery Partition) 12.46gb … assuming it has Windows 7 recovery
Partition 6 (Healthy Recovery Partition) 1.08gb … Have no idea what it holds

All of these partitions show up in computer management in the partition list at the top as well as blocks broken out next to the disk.

After the clone (Using WD Acronis) I have:

Partition 1 (EFI system partition) 500mb
C drive 451.02gb (Primary Partition)

Then it gets strange.

The other three partitions are there, but they only show up as blocks with the following sizes


They don’t say anything in the boxes next to the disk except the size. No “healthy (recovery partition)”
They don’t show up in the list at the top of the screen either?

Running reagentc /info identifies partition 4 as the recovery partition which should be the 595mb partition
diskpart shows all partitions while running “list partition”

If I plug the old drive in as a external sata/usb drive all of the partitions are still listed correctly

Any ideas?

Here is the old disk added in for reference (it shows up as disk 1 drive letter E)