Partition for TimeMachine

Hi There,

as there is no chance to set a quota for TimeMachine, is there any chance to have 2 different partitions?

It would be great to have 1TB for TimeMachine only - without thinking about getting the HD filled only by doing backupsĀ :wink:

Thanks for your answers.

Thank you for your question.

For the MyBooKLive,Ā Ā no additional partitions can be setup.Ā  You do however have presented a good idea.Ā  If you go to the WD Community home page, and then at the top, there is tab called Ideas.Ā  That is where you can post ideas or features that you want, e.g. quota or partition for backup.Ā  Someone from our product group will review incoming suggestions and comment back.

Thank you again

Seems like Ć  good suggestion to me as I was wondering how to limit the size of my time machine backups as well

Good job, akid1!Ā  Thatā€™s the reason I still use a separate drive for Time Machineā€¦ I just never got around to posting anything about it.Ā  Please do take the time to send your idea as cheytac suggested, and Iā€™ll second the motion! :smiley:

This suggestion has been mentioned on these boards before, and I think it is a great idea. I am looking at how to incorporate it into our future products.


I think there is a solution:Ā 

Suddenly i managed the TimeMachine-Partition. The only think you need is to start a TM-Backup. Then go to your Disk-Settings in OSX and the MyBook shows up on the left.