Partial back up

why does the my book say that a file was not backed up? it was a pst.from outlook.

Outlook PST files are usually locked by Outlook. When a file is locked or currently in use, it typically cannot be backed up. Even if Outlook is closed, it may keep a lock on the file until the computer is rebooted.

One thing that you can try is rebooting the computer and then let the software backup the file before Outlook is opened to lock it. Another thing that you can try is exporting your e-mail to a PST file that you store in a separate location like My Documents. This exported file is a “backup” of the original PST so it should not be in use or locked by Outlook. Then the software may be able to back it up.

Once thing to note is make sure that the PST file is located in the default folder on your system drive (typically “C”). If you have your PST file stored on another partition or drive, it may not backup properly.


thank you. that helped considerable .