Paring Mobile Device to Youtube


… Says I should be able to pair my android tablet to the Hub so as to better interface with Youtube. 

Well, where are the settings hidden on The Hub, please?  

I’ve looked in the Youtube “app”… I’ve looked through Settings on The Hub… 

This is for Youtube Leanback aka Youtube TV :slight_smile:
 I will try this in few minutes

Why oh why does there have to be 2 Youtube “apps” (and I use the term quite erroneously)  when the whole rest of the world seems to work just fine with one…  

And well, making them a little more distinctive, a LOT more intuative would be a frack of a good idea

Its even easer if you have NeoReader (QR reader) on mobile phone. Open Youtube Leanback, go to My youtube, scroll to the left to Pair with mobile device. It will give you code that you have to type in in browser or in setting of youtube app if you have it on your mobile phone. But it will also render you QR code that you can scan :slight_smile:

One is WD´s unified design app and other is actual Youtube´s application.

Here is link to new version

Alright… so I seem to have my tablet paired with my hub… Now what…

How do I “send” content to my TV from my tablet??  

When paired, video that you select on your mobile will be played on wd. You can use time slider on mobile to control video.

Sorry to bump into other’s thread.

This pair thingy only work once, is it? If I want to use on another day, I have to redo again.


The interface is highly flakey…

But I guess that no longer surprises me.