Parental Controls Traffic Jam

Anyone else encountering the following issue with their N750 on latest firmware and found a solution other than not turning it on?

Issue: when I enable Parental Controls (Americas) at default setting (Low), eventually the router gets bogged down and creates a traffic jam and my WiFi devices can no longer access web pages. This necessitates a hard reboot of the router. Eventually, I turn off Parental Controls and things return to normal. I have 11+ wifi devices connected and my speeds are 30/4.

Seems like a firmware issue to me as this happens whether I leave DNS Proxy setting Enabled (default) or not.

Hello, try resetting the My Net back to factory default; this will remove any residual configurations that may be causing conflicts within your network from an update that did not fully reset upon reboot of the unit. Check page 67 of the manual for the steps. 


I’ve done this a number of times to no avail, as well as re-flashing the firmware, changing wifi, LAN and most other settings.

However, since posting, I’ve reset to factory, re-flashed, and have setup mostly as default (only changing SSIDs, password, turning on Parental Controls, setting time with adding So far, so good! Will post back if things go sour again, especially when the whole household is up and we’re doing our normal heavy usage.

Well, that didn’t take long. Son logged into, AppleTV trying to stream Crunchyroll. Even accessing the router was extremely slow. Granted, this time around I didn’t need to perform the hard reboot (most likely because my youngest wasn’t streaming YouTube and my wife wasn’t streaming her online courses), but the lagging in loading websites was the very same prior to the router just no longer serving the data. So to me, it’s still a firmware or InCompass issue. Since turning Parentla Controls off, we can all do our thing simultaneously with no lag nor hiccups.

This is disheartening with no other firmware update from WD. This one feature was one of the biggest reasons for purchasing the router (didn’t want to use OpenDNS because I don’t always have the laptop opened for the IP update app).

Any other ideas or thoughts?

Hi pops.99, please check your private messages. 

I recently picked up an N750 (updated to Firmware Version 1.04.16) and am having the same issues with the Parental Controls feature.  With PC enabled, the internet quickly becomes unusable due to _extremely_ slow performance.  Just turning off PC will restore speeds to normal - no reboot of router needed.

Hopefully this will get resolved at some point.