Parental Control Password Mismatch

Unable to add this info to my support ticket, so hoping a mod could assist (support# Deleted). My registered UserIDs for parental controls appear rove Ben merged, but the password for blocked sites isn’t the same as the password to log into the Parental Control site. This used to be the same, but if I use my current PC site password to allow access to a blocked URL, that password doesn’t work resulting in an Invalid Authentication message. However, if I use an old password for a previous UserID registered on the PC site (, it works on the second attempt of use on the blocked page (first time reloads the page, second time allows access). This behavior can be repeated for me 100% of the time, even if I change the password to log into the wdinternetsecurity site.

This took trial and error to figure out. Any way WD can correct my password situation so the two are linked again? Need to be able to ensure the password for blocked site page can be altered via the wdinternetsecurity settings for effective measures for the utility. Thanks.

Okay, so I’m a fool. Turns out it all depended upon which (same) email address and password (different) I was logged in as within the router’s settings. I’ve made sure I’m signed into the correct registered account and all should be good. We really do need a way to unregister old accounts/devices from Parental Control. I’m aware it’s already presented in the Ideas board. Thanks. I’ll still work with support on the matter in case there’s anything new to add to this.