Parental Control for media streaming

Hello all,

i’ve just bought a Mybook Live Duo.

This is the the problem I have:

I want that my son can only access a certain folder on the nas from the TV.

Basicly i want that he can acces ony the folder with movies for his age and not the folder where we store the other films.

When I’ve made the decision to buy the Mybook Live duo I’ve read that I can have different users acessing the nas and i thought yeah thats what i need so i can prevent that my son gets acces to horror movies stored on the My book.

But then i figured I cant setup different users on the tv, now when i make a folder that only a certain user can acess, its not longer visible on the TV.

I’ve read me through many pages on the internet but didnt found a good solution.

Can anybody help? I’ve read me also through the manual but i didnt found anything conerning this, ofcourse i found out how to make different users but the mediaplayers connected to the nas don’t make any difference have no options to log in as different user.

I hope someone can help.

Thank you in advance

Hello, check if your TV is capable of opening password protected shared folders. 


thank you for your reply.  How do you mean passwort protected folder? Sorry I’m completely new to this kind of stuff.

Protected via the NAS with user permission, password protection on a folder on the nas somehow done via network permissions?  I can open the Folder I created with the TV without entering a password, but i protected it with a username and password

I have also bought a WD TV Live with the my book duo, if that helps to solve the problem.

I created a folder on the my book which should be only accesible for the user “save” and i removed the admin even, but it completely doesn’t matter to the WD TV live box nor to the TV, it shows me always the folder and i can open it.

I also dont know how i could change the user via TV or WD TV live.

bergmongo,  is your TV access the Duo via Samba shares or via DLNA?

You can tell by if the first selections take you immediately to your movies and subfolders, versus a bunch of categories like Year, Actor, Folder, Genre, whatever.

Hello Tony,

sorry for the late reply, i connect via Samba Shares it seems, without exactly knowing what that means.

but i now bought  a second WD TV Live box.

So basicly I acces the MYBOOK vie 2 different WD Live Players. but i cant figuere a way to protect the adult folder at all.

Is it even possible to aces the MYBOOK via the WD TV Live with different users?

Thank you very much in advance.

bergmongo wrote:

Is it even possible to aces the MYBOOK via the WD TV Live with different users?


Just don’t log in as the user that has access to the “adult” folder.  That’s how I operate mine.

I have three shares:

Kids Movies (G)   Accessible by KIDS, KIDS2, and MY account.

Movies 1  (PG and PG 13)  Accessible by KIDS2 and MY account

Movies 2 ®  Only Accessible by MY account.

So the WDTV in the Family Room only logs in via the KIDS2 account.

The WDTV in the kids’ room uses the KIDS account.

My WDTV in the master bedroom uses MY account

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thank you again tony, your a big help.

I’m going to check tonight how to relog on the wd tv live box.

if you want to logg in with your adult account you switch always to “no automated log in?” or is there a possibility to directly re-login with a different user on the fly?

It won’t work well if you’re trying to use Media Library.  But if you’re just browsing “Dynamically,” tell the WD not to log in automatically (it’s a checkbox when you provide User ID / Password) and it’ll ask every time.