Parental control à la Circle with Disney in MCH?


Since the MCH is always up it could be a nice substitue to parental control as circle with Disney ( Do you plan to add such feature? When? I see Circle has partnered with Netgear. But any alternative would be great.

The best application I use to control my child’s actions is Maybe I am violating his privacy, principles, but I am a mom and worry too much. He is at an age when he cannot make correct decisions. I want to see if he is safe and does not engage in challenging and harmful activities. The application provides monitoring child’s activities, locating him through a real-time map, alert the inappropriate activities like drugs, cigarettes, weird or unpopulated areas, and access to his chats, photos, and videos. My life and relationship with my son have become closer because now I know his hobbies, friends, and thoughts.

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