Parent control

The parent control feature works for 2-5 mins. It says it’s on but it’s not working, I have to turn parent control off and on again, and 2-5 mins later it stops again, any ideas?

Hello, you can click on the link below to review the steps to setup the parent control (Page 62), if you have already done that, you could check if you have the latest firmware installed.

I have setup parent controls and have the latest firmware, the parent control works great for 5-10. To get it to work again after it shuts down, I have to turn parent controlls off and on again, but it will only work for 10 mins or so. I have rebooted and done a full reset with no change.

I have run into some descrepancy with the parental control feature as well. What I have noticed is that for some devices, it sems to think that the device is on Pacific Time and not another time zone (i.e. ET, CT).  You may also want to test this theory as I am in the process of some rigorous testing myself.