Pandora Radio failure

Pandora used to work. Now I get an error message stateing, " Unable to play the selected file. Please see the User Manual for a list of supported file formats." 

I’ve hit the reset button and unplugged the power for several minutes. That solved it until I tried to switch channels. Now I’m back to the same error message. 

Any suggestions?

What do you mean by it “used to work” ? The player just came out yesterday…Did it work for a short while than stop? Are you connected with a wired or wireless connection?

The player used to work since I bought the Western Digital WD TV Live Plus 1080p HD Media Player Live in April 2011. It was a nice bonus to the device above just watching movies. I use a wireless adapter on the unit which is functional because I can access the internet via other apps the WD came with although I only used Pandora. I can however access Pandora through my computer.

As I’ve stated, I’ve hit the rest button and unplugged it for several minutes. It will work thereafter, but again fails when I change channels.

Ahhh ok - you posted this on the wrong board- this is for the “WD TV Live Streaming Media Player”

Try plugging your Plus into a wired slot to see if that solves the issue. If not, what has changed recently on your network? Have you updated the firmware on your router? Added any new devices? Updated the firmware on your Live Plus?

I’ll try the hard wire. That’s one thing I didn’t do yet, however I’m not optimistic over it because there is one other post here stateing the same problem I’m having from a couple of years ago. I PM’d the poster to see if he ever resolved the issue and he stated he hadn’t.

I’ve done no firmware updates on my router or I would have blamed that. My WD did an auto update a few weeks ago that didn’t effect my device except it added some games.

Thanks for your input.

Update to my  Pandora problem.

I set the settings back to default via the setup utility. Now the problems have gotten worse meaning that now I can’t use the wireless connection any longer. The device sees my router but will not connect to it like it used to.

I connected a hard wire to it to see if there was a firmware update (after connection to the internet) but it stated the firmware was up to date.

The Pandora app. still gave me the same error message as before while Live365, Youtube, and  the Tune-in app worked just fine while connected via hard wire.

All this after just 3 months of moderate use. 

I sent a message to another user on these forums that quoted the same error message as I did. I asked if he was ever able to resolve his problem and he stated “no”.

So what gives? Is the quality that poor that it fails just after 6 months of use with no usable end user support?  It seems the only recourse I have left is to go back to the Amazon site and give it a poor quality review in hopes that a future buyer will be fore warned.

It cannot be as bad as my problem .I cannot get Pandora Radio beacause I live outside the United States .