Pandora in AUS

Hi guys is there anyway i can get Pandora to install here in Australia, as we recently got Pandora in Australia, can i download the app and install just the app (extract it from firmware from another country) or can i install the US firmware somehow (behind a VPN)

I’m pretty tech savvy and dont mind messing with firmware/bricking this device

thank you 

Everybody gets the same firmware, the services are all there however the player is geo-located and only shows services for the area you live in.

I understand the geoblock, but from factory my unit had Netflix installed (and we don’t have that in AUS) 

only reason I ask is Pandora became available again in Australia about 8 months ago and every other device (android/iphone) that I have the app was added to the market place within days of there re-opening 

anyway I can ask a WD rep if/when Pandora will be accessible in AUS