Pandora failure

Greetings all. 

I’m having problems with my new out of the box WD TV Live Hub Media Center and Pandora. It gives me an error stating that, " Unable to play the selected file. Please see the User Manual for a list of supported file formats."

Other music services seem to be just fine like Tunein and Live 365. 

I’ve noticed that there are others that are having the exact same issues with no resolution. What has happened to WD and Pandora?

Have you ugprade the firmware?

Yes. As soon as I made the connection to the internet, I was prompted to update the firmware. I ran it through the steps and that is where it left me.

It seems that there is a lack of support to this problem.  Am I the only one that is having this problem?

… I guess so…   My kids were listening to Pandora off the hub last night whilst doing their chores…  No issues at all.

This is the second media unit from WD I’ve bought. Both have the same problem. I even went so far as to buy a new router and even hardwired the LAN.

I find it entirely fustrating that these forums have such a lack of good user support. I’ve reached this conclusion not just based off of my experience, but the long list of problems others are having with WD and their family of media products.

That being said, over the years I’ve own soley WD HDD internal and one external that work just fine.

So my faith in other products by this company are on the edge of collapse.

Thanks for responding though TonyPh12345. :smiley:

I found a work around to this Pandora. 

I plugged my Android audio output into my stereo and pluged the cell charger into the frint USB of the media center to keep the battery charged.  So, I spent $200 on a cell phone charger.