Pandora constantly stopping

WD TV LIVE FW v.2.02.32

Pandora constantly stops when it should be playing an ad.  Eventually I have to back out and go back in and start it again, then sometimes it will play ads but most times it just stops.  Is this a firmware thing?

It’s on WiFi only on a local router that I use my laptop with all day and appears to not be a connection issue.  

My iPhone on the same WiFi connection and it’s Pandora app work just fine.

I do occasionally get other things going on like it won’t see the station list sometimes and says there’s no stations, or when I try to start it again it says the media format is invalid.  I usually just back out and go back in and it’s fine until an ad is supposed to play.  

I know it’s an ad because if I click the “>>|” button on the remote, the unit says you can’t do that while an ad is playing.  But there’s actually no ad playing.

More info: 

I’ve been waching it closely, it’s not even only at ads.  At the end of a song or sometimes mid song it will stop and if I leave it alone, it eventually falls back to the channel list.  If I then re-select the channel again, it gives me an error the first time “unable to play file. see user manual for list of formats”.  After trying it again, it works and plays another song.

I think your post is in the wrong forum. This forum is for the 2009 model WDTV Live HD and 2010 model WDTV Live Plus.

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