Panasonic HD Camera AVCHD files on the WDTV Live hub ?! Merge or not?

Hi there, I’ve got several .MTS files and want to play them without any breaks on my Live hub. With software from shedworkx (RevolverHD) I made a bluray structure with these files and saved it as a bluray ISO file. The file plays the clips without the break but when it start playing the 2nd .M2TS file it plays without audio and it’s fastforward.

Is there any “working” method to play the MTS clips without breaks and without merging them to one file? It should be possible right? it’s 2011 !! Thanks :smiley:

It may be 2011 but the Hub was made in the 2010, if the feature is not supported at a hardware level then there’s no way to do it. It’s suggest you to stick to the standards explained in the user manual.