PAL video output not full D1

The WD TV mini I’m testing now is fantastic,

but the PAL video output is not the full size as it should be with for instance a DVD player.

I have a issue with that because I want to use 16 WD TV mini units for an old video installation (ART) with CRT monitors.

On these monitors it shows black borders on the edges. I know the mini can do better because with the zoom option in it reaches the full resolution on the output, but that’s zoomed in to much.

It is probably just a matter of a patch in new firmware, but there isn’t any?

Thnks for responding if you know what I’m talking about,


I suffer the same lack of overscan on CRT screens. black borders were they  should NOT be. Even if I zoom in.

On a Sony LCD panel as well you can see a limited dislay area. although smaller black borders.

I hoped for a mini sized replacement of the dvd player .

Why can the device produce a full scale video (with overscan) output when set to 1080i/50 and not when selecting 576i

Let’s hope WD engineers will come with a solution! 


Hey Ivo,

I wonder how the WD TV HD (not the mini) is handling the pal video output,

maybe anybody out there knows if there is a difference between WD TV HD and the WD TV Mini?

The specs (output resolution) are of course the same on paper.