Pairing Code Issues

I just got this today and I’ve been having no luck trying to pair this with my laptop

I typically use ethernet for my laptop since my cable box has an ethernet port, but I set the WDTV box up on wifi and am trying to connect the wifi on my laptop to it

I get a pairing code no problem, and I go to Network > Add Wireless Device and it finds the WDTV Live box fine as well. Then I input the pairing code in Windows 7, select my wireless network and click “connect” on my WDTV Live box. The box says “Connection succeeded, network setup completed”, but on Windows it hangs on “Waiting for your device to connect to the Wifi network”, then I get this error message

“Addign this device to this computer failed. Adding the deveic resulted in an unknown error. THe reported error code is: 0x80070643.” Then when I try to “Try Again”, it doesn’t recognize the player at all

Does anyone know what the malfunction can be here?

The WD TV should connect trough a wireless router and then the computer.

Do you have a router?