Painfully slow transfer speed mac Gig ethernet WD MyCloud 4T

I am having incredibly slow transfer speeds.

File transfer from internal SSD via Gig Ethernet cable to WD MyCloud 4T is roughly 10MB/s SHOCKING!

Router: BT HomeHub 5 (has 4x Gig Ethernet ports) router replaced and still the same problem

Macbook Pro i7: w/ Samsung 840 PRO SSD
Network connection: Direct cable to router (Brand new Cat 5e cable) green light
Network shows: 1000baseT Ethernet, full-duplex, MTU Standard (1500)

Airport wireless networking is set to OFF

WD MyCloud 4T Drive:
Network connection: Direct cable to router (Brand new Cat 5e cable) Green light on rear confirmed

Also checked:
MyCloud Content Scan (Indexing) is idle
Mounted as mapped drive on Macbook Pro
MyCloud Content Scan (Indexing) is still idle
DLNA Media Server and iTunes Server both OFF
Time Machine backups OFF
Firmware updated to latest revision

Please help! Very disappointed:cry:

I found that if I turn Airport off after I plug in the eithernet cable and before I start copying files, that it goes much faster.  With Airport off it takes just under a minute to copy a 1 gig movie file.  With Airport turned on it copied about 25% of the movie, then slowed to a crawl.  I hit the cancel button and still had to wait several minutes for the copy to cancel.  Turned Airport off and tried again, everything copies fast again.

Yes I should have added to my description - Airport wireless was / is always OFF

Can you try to move your content to the share of another computer, instead of the NAS? Just want to make sure the issue is the NAS not something else on your network. We had the case in this forum where the issue was with the Mac.

Other users report better result with the SMB protocol rather than AFP.

AFP from Macbook Pro to NAS over 1Gig E approx 10MByte/s writes
AFP from other G4 mac to NAS over 1 Gig E  approx 10MB/s writes (same)
AFP tried both ways mac to mac 25MB/s writes (slow due to old drives in G4 but still better than NAS)

NAS over SMB protocol (same/similar) almost double 19MB/s writes, half speed reads of AFP, and connection randomly drops out over SMB to add to my woes.
Cables swapped out / router swapped out - All tests same result

This MyCloud NAS seems to top out at approx 10MB/s with AFP and 20MB/s with SMB

I don’t get it ???

Can anyone help here before I take this thing back?

Who can I talk to at WD about this?

open  mycloud dashboard and click on the question mark top right corner, and then click support. tick attach my device diagnostic report and request report (will take about 2 minutes to attach logs) and then click on request support. This will open a ticket with support.

Hope you find what is wrong.