Painfully slow has access osx mavericks

Have a 3tb mycloud which has been working fine with my windows 7 pc since day 1. have recently bought a mac book pro and it is awful for accessing it. folders take ages to populate and transfer speeds are awful. reading online people seem to be blaming osx for the issue but is there anything obvious that can fix this that anyone here can recommend.

How is your setup? 

I have two macs running Mavericks. The WDMC is connected to the Airport router. An iMac is connected through ethernet, a macbook pro is connected through wi-fi. Transfer files through wi-fi are painfully slow, through Ethernet speed is much better.

the mac is wireless. Maybe this is the issue. Do you happen to know what sort of speeds you get wired? If they’re a lot better I’ll have to look into a ethernet adaptor.

Edit: Even a song playing off the nas through itunes isn’t possible. Stops numerous times with each and every song

Sorry, I don’t have numbers for the wireless/wired speed, but the difference is very noticeable. I was copying thousands of photos to the NAS – using the wireless connection it took several (> 10) seconds to upload a single 4-5Mb picture, not sure why. 

When I use a tablet to get the photos from the NAS using the DNLA client the speed is also very slow. I cannot believe it i my router (2Tb airport time capsule).