[PACKAGE] Sickrage/Medusa and CouchPotato

I’m happy to bring you 2 popular applications packaged for the WD PR2100/PR4100:

CouchPotato, an application to manage your movies.
More info here

Medusa (Sickrage - Sickbeard), an application to manage your TV series. Medusa is a Sickrage fork under active development.
More info here

Features of these packages:

  • install/remove via WD web interface
  • enable/disable service via WD web interface
  • auto start service on boot


  • backup config when installing a new version of my packages (you probably won’t need this as both projects have auto-update via git). If you want to use your existing config, copy it manually over SSH (see the bootscript).

The packages and source code can be found here:
Note: these packages require my Entware package too.

As always, use at own risk / responsibility.

Thanks a lot, I’m using them for the fist time and I have only one problem with CouchPotato and Transmission, the default port for transmition in PR4100 is 9092 instead of 9091, but whenever I change it in CouchPotato’s Settings, it reverts back to http://localhost:9091, so torrent downloads don’t work.

Uninstall WD transmission from the app store.
Install transmission with entware (see the entware thread) and just use port 9091.

Hi @Tfl,

Thanks for the Medusa Package! Works great except for me it stops working when I restart Medusa (by updating it) or when I restart my NAS (PR4100)

I have been resolving this by reinstalling the Medusa .bin through the NAS web interface but then I need to reconfigure all my settings each time.

Any idea how I can resolve this?

I may have experienced similar issues some time ago but didn’t publish my local fixes as nobody complained :slight_smile: I’ll have a look one of these days.

Solution while you wait for a new official release on master branch:

cd /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/     # or use cdnp if you have my entware version 1.0+
cd medusa/Medusa
git checkout develop
cd ..
sh start.sh .

I’ll release a few fixes with the installer, but I won’t include this temporary fix.

Hi @Tfl, I reinstalled your Entware, Medusa, Couchpotato and Nzbget packages on my Ex2 Ultra but it seems only Nzbget loads when I click ‘configure’ in the apps tab (i.e. it uses the same port as when I originally installed it) whereas Medusa and Couchpotato are stuck on the following urls:


Is it possible to reset the ports/configuration through a different means (i.e. SSH)? Or to FULLY uninstall all applications and start from scratch? Could you provide some guidance? Thanks so much!

Medusa works great - however I get a warning that Python 2 is being deprecated and I should update to Python 3. How should I do that?


I am wondering this too. Makes no sense why WD has not updated the python version on these devices. I am wondering if we can do it ourselves.

Hindsight being 20-20: OS5 updates Python. However, I’m holding off upgrading, because I’ve read that there are just too many problems and deprecations to solve the problems I’m having with OS3.
UNFORTUNATELY, medusa doesn’t seem to work with OS3 anymore.

Stuck between…