[PACKAGE] NZBGet for WD My Cloud

root@MyCloudPR2100 HD #

heh… I meant

ls /mnt/HD

but now you have changed directory to /mnt/HD so you can do


which shows the current dir.
then cd into the next directory and you’ll find your shares.

to go up one directory, use

cd …


Then change into that directory and list the contents again.

cd HD_a2

Until you found your Public share… if you have one.

Ive got it working !


Thanks alot

aight :slight_smile:
I’d use something with nzbget in the path… that will help when you combine this with sonarr/couchpotato/sickrage…

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Thanks a lot!!! Works like a charm.
I saw a binary for Sonarr as well following your link, but didn’t get it it to work properly (cannot navigate to the shares of the nas, stuck in the system folders when trying to set a target folder for a tv show)
Are you still working on the sonarr package?
thanks again for the great work.

Just wanted to also chime in and say thanks for this as well! Appreciate it, like Ayusinned mentioned Sonarr is in that directory is that something ready to go or still working on it ?

A few things that helped me with the config:

  • I created a share “nzbget” and set this as the MainDir in “Paths”, so I can access everything easily that NZBget does.
  • Under Security, set the UMask to 0000 if you want all users to have full access to the files. With the standard setting, PLEX could not read and import the downloaded movies.

Thanks for the feedback. Sonarr semi works but requires some fixed shares for now. I’ll release it when there’s no more reboot and uninstall bugs. To pair it with nzbget it needs the public ip, not localhost and the category is series instead of tv. Create a public P2P and Multimedia/TV share before installing. Sonarr (docker) maps this to a local /downloads and a /tv folder. I’ll explain in more detail when it’s more dummy proof.
Scripted user management is painful but one of my main priorities… now everything is root :expressionless:.

Manually over ssh it’s more flexible but I’m targetting the non-ssh way.
All that said… let’s keep this topic to nzbget… please wait for my sonarr release in another topic.

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I just found this thread. it appears the last comment was in June of 2017. .
I am receiving my PR2100 soon and am curious about the status of your efforts to get Sonarr working is it available somewhere for my NAS.


I can’t make it dummy proof but it is really simple.
I’ll assume you made a share for Downloads (not public) and one for Multimedia (probably public in your network).

Based on Docker Hub

mkdir -p /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/sonarr

docker create \
    --name sonarr \
    -p 8989:8989 \
    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
    -v /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/sonarr:/config \
    -v /shares/Multimedia/TV:/tv \
    -v /shares/Downloads:/downloads \

And to fix reboot behavior do this.

Or just use my new docker package.

I am a noob on programing but i have done some work on a terminal. I am going to move my Plex stuff to the pr 2100 from my mac. I will give your Doctor package a try when I set the NAS up.


I’m also trying to get off of bittorents and use usenet. This kind of like building a car and trying to drive it at the same time.

Especially to rickyringring

Ricky, i found only now your post, i checked the link you provided for NZBGet, but i cannot find at that location. Can you please confirm the BIN file installer is still there?
Thank you.
If in the meantime someone got the BIN already, can you please share with me?

Thank you again to ALL for the support.

RRR is my old account.
Binaries are available via www.wdcommunity.com

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Great news… Thank you…
Got it

old thread I know, currently I have NZBGET ver 14.1, can I download the bin and install it using the App tab in the interface…will this update my ver 14 to 20?


Thanks, so you don’t recommend I remove/disable my current version via the interface and just do the “manual add app” and point it to the 2.09 bin?
Just don’t want to screw up my current install, it works fine but ver 15 and above has the ability to add switches to the unrar cmd