P2P-Max Character Length is 191 characters

First let me start by saying prior to Firmware 1.03.39 i had no issues with this feature. I submitted a ticket with WD on May 29th after I upload to the 1.03.39 Firmware and found that when trying to use P2P i added a torrent file and got the error message “The max file length is 191 Characters.” They sent me an old firmware file to rollback the firmware and were supposed to get back to me however I have not heard anything. I noticed today that they came out with the 1.03.41 Firmware update on 6/10/2014. So I downloaded ad installed it to see if maybe it would have fixed it. However it did not. Doe anyone have any ideas? Does anyone use the P2P feature and have any problems adding torrents?

This is currently undergoing investigation.


Thanks For the Reply. I will keep watching for a resolution.



I note that your post was quite some time ago now, but I am getting this problem adding torrents through the web ui on the my cloud mirror…

I can change encoded characters (ie “%2f” to “/” and “%3A” to “:”) which sometimes shortens the url enough to get things working, other times I have to delete pieces of the url that generate the name to make it happen… its a workaround, but its irritating to have to do it when I can download the same torrent address to my computer and upload it to the mcm just fine…

Any word from WD on fixing this irritant seen as it’s been a known problem (and probably an easily fixable one) so long?