Ownership/file access issue after recovery

So I back up no problem.  Install a new mobo, CPU, ram ect.  I was upgrading my computer. 

Then did a fresh windows install.  Now I recover my file back to their original places so I can have my e-mail, game backups ect all where they should be.  Now the owner permissions are some  "account unknown s-1-5-20.585376884… and continues on.  There are three on those permission accounts, one two have full control and one is just read and execute.

I have changed the owner of the user folder to my computer but I still can’t access the files.  My email wont open because it can’t access the old email files and games are corrupt.  So much for a reliable backup. I am screwed if I can’t fix this.  Years of files there but I just can’t open them!!!

So, after waiting for a week for WD support to help me out (they still haven’t replied).  I have figured out a way around this.  Do not install the 2.2.1 version!

I had to do a complete format of my hard drive, which was a PITA! Because I have an upgrade version of windows 7 which will not install on a clean install.

I ended up doing the double install as my xp disc would not even get past initial setup on my system. (very old packaged computer disc)

So, I tried recoverying just a small folder of pictures to a recovery folder using the old version that came with the drive (v1.3.1.6) and voila I could access everything!

I tried installing to the original locations and had an error that it could not find the location (“pictures” vs “my pictures”, i dunno)

So then, I updated to 2.2.1 and tried the exact same two processes, I could not access any files!!  Although the newer version would install to the correct original locations, it was useless.

Thanks WD for another crappy product.

I gave up on the older version of the software because it hogged system resources and could not be set to incremental/manual backup.

I gave you another chance years later and still the same fail!  You guys! Grrrr!

Now to painfully put all my files back where they belong from the “recovery folder”

So we’d finally gets back to me and blames this as a Microsoft issue. Lol. Then why does it work with v1.6 and not 2.2.

SO, after manually moving files I restored with v1.6

I completely wiped the mybook, and reformatted. (wd wouldn’t let me erase with their software, although it would work after a reformatted and reinstalled wdsmartware, go figure) Reinstalled WD smartware. Backed up my harddrive as it is now, then tried a test restore on a few picture files.  They worked!  

I think the main problem must have to do with me installing all new hardware in my pc and doing a clean windows install.  This must have messed up the permissions somehow.  It’s the only thing I can think of.

So after re-backing up the files and doing a test restore, that worked.  Now I had to reformat due to a hardware issue.  Tried to recover, and bam, no file access.  I give up on smartware. 

I will have to reformat again, and get a different program.