Owncloud issues - Berryboot installation

Good morning / afternoon / etc

I have just downloaded the berryboot installer from here and so far i am very impressed at the speed of the install! i have selected to install Owncloud and this seems to work incredibly quickly and efficiently…

This however is where the fun for me stopped. My issue is trying to access it externally. Can anyone advise of which ports i should be forwarding?

Secondly i would like to confirm that the data on my owncloud is being stored on my external HDD (WD Drive) and not locally on the SD card. Does anyone know if this is the case?

Finally i would also like to know the default SSH details, I have logged in using USERNAME: root PASSWORD: raspbian
but this doesnt let me do simple things like ls or cd?

Thanks in advance!

user: pi
password: owncloud


Thanks. Do you think it might be worth doing a rut for people who haven’t used it before?

what the heck is a “rut” ? :neutral_face:

Sorry I meant tut as in tutorial

understand …

I guess since WD don’t actually Write the Software (they are just providing the Harddrive) then it’s up to people to search for tutorials

eg. if i buy a WD Internal HDD for my PC i don’t expect Western Digital to provide me with a tutorial on how to use Windows 7/8/10

I get that however WD Have compiled their own Owncloud installer so if you bought a hdd with software on it would be helpful to have a tut to help you work it?

just use google next time, and get on with it

The issue with Google is that there are very few topics that cover the issues especially if you are not Linux savvy. However due to the lack of interest in this thread I won’t bother, if people would like help, pm me