Own created MY Book Live folder transfer speed is slow :(

By default it has Public folder in Share List So i created one more folder as “Private” in Share List, i added admin and all users can access “Private” when i copy one file around 1GB into Public, the speed is fast, over 20MB/s when i copy one similar file into Private, the speed is extremely slow, <1MB/s is there any settings i miss out? the other problem is from My Computer > Network > MyBookLive > have the following two folder:- Public (double click on this is like opening any folder in windows, FAST) Private (double click on this will have the windows waiting icon showing and wait for seconds to open up the folder) What happen :frowning: :frowning: I just bought it and do not have much knowledge on it I m using Windows 7. Looking forward for help. Thanks in advance.

Your PRIVATE folder is probably opening via WebDAV instead of CIFS. 

Search this forum for WebDAV for more info.

searching WebDAV does not provide any solution for this. I only see there are so many peoples complaining on this,

anyway, after i exit WD Quick View, the Private folder now can access like Public folder. So, i decided to uninstall WD Quick View. :slight_smile: