Overwrite Files gives an error saying the file is opened or damaged and don't allow to overwrite it

Hi All,

With my WD MyCloud 2TB and working with a public folder I’m not able to overwrite a file with the same name.

I’m working on a excel sheet and I do a “save as” as a PDF. On the first save that’s fine. But if I want to change anything on the excel sheet and save it again as a PDF with the same name it will give me an error saying the file is opened or damaged. 

Few days  later and everything is ok. Looks like it’s cache or something related with *.temp files… 

This happens with different users or different machines.

Anyone have the same issue?

Thanks in advance,



Does this happens locally or remotely?

Locally with a mounted drive. I have a batch running on the machines.


I recommend you contact support in order to get assistance with this issue.

Contact WD

If you do this to a local drive and to a drive mounted from another computer does it still have the issue? Office seems to have some odd file issues and it may be Excel itself and not the cloud