Overall WD Live TV and WD My Book NAS issues

I have a WD My Book Live 3TB and 2xWD Live TV players, all hard wired (ethernet) through a D-Link router.  All devices are configured to share on the network.  Upstream from the router I have a VOIP router and upstream from that I have a cable modem. 

Overall performance has been good, and the system has done what we wanted it to do however there are some hicups.

Hopefully someone can help.

1)  Have had to re-boot the NAS twice in the last day, it seems to lock, or come to a crawl…re-booting clears the issue but very annoying.

  1. When NAS re-booted power is needed to be cycled on the WD Live TV’s

  2. Have also had to cycle power on both the D-Link and VOIP routers several times recently.

  3. WD Live TV sometimes looses NAS and I need to re-navigate to it.  Not a big deal but I wouldnt expect to have to do this as often as I do (every second day or so).  I have clicked the “remember” box.

  4. Sometimes when watching a movie streaming from the NAS to the WD Live TV the movie will lock and need to be re-started.  This has only happened a few times but curious if it is a known issue.

It seems the re-booting routers has become an issue since we have ramped up our downloading…I have heard of people “overloading” their ports which is fixed on a power cycle.  Not sure if anyone can offer any insight.

THanks !



Are you assigning static IP to the devices or they are getting one automatically?

maybe the router is reassigning the IP to the devices…

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The router is assigning the IP’s through DHCP…do you suggest assigning static IP’s ?

I am also going to upgrade my router to the Linksys (CISCO) EA6500.




That’s an option that you can try to see if the devices stay synchronize.

Basically you can do that for troubleshooting purposes.