Over heating issue

Hi al

I have been testing the 1TB WD My Book Live, and I have tried to simulate an environment I will be installing the NAS. An enclosed space that can get quite warm.

I have been able to force the NAS to over heat, causing it to send out an alert (not an email) via the Smartware ‘service’ I installed on my laptop.

This was fine, but two things I have queries about.

  1. does the device stop working when it over heats? so it does not continue to generate heat? It seem to stay on with a red LED light.

  2. how to clear the over heated message from it web interface. The message seemed to be there for several days after the event. Even after the device had been restarted several times, and was well below it hot temperature. Also used the “dont show this message again” button, without much joy.

There is a temperature sensor built into the drive. When the drive tells the firmware that it’s cooled down then the firmware should clear the over temperature warning.

Never a good idea to artificially make your network addressed storage overheat.  :neutral_face:

Hi Myron

thanks for the reply. I was expecting the warning to stop once the device cooled down, but stayed around for a long time. Gone now, so not a big issue, just wanting to get others opinion.

Regarding the forced over heating…I hear you , but I am testing this unit, as I am looking at buying over a hundred NAS devices, and need to know what happens when things go wrong, like over heating.

The NAS will be at remote sites, and do not want to be forced to rely on onsite non-technical peoples to resolve an issue. So if a unit overheats or has a power failure, I want to know about it and know the device can recover and/or stop from completly melting down and causing a bigger problem.


Depends on the the drive itself. Not necessarily the firmware. I have a Western Digital SATA drive in my computer and when it’s heavily used it’s internal temperature rises up to about 56 degrees centigrade but does not rise any further.

Take into consideration the ambient heat that is already in the room as that will be added to the heat the drive in the MBL generates.

If it of any help I the MBL I have has been powered up since about May and its never got anywhere close to 70 degrees degrees centigrade.