Over CLocking the Hub - DO More Faster

Is there a way to over clock the HUB?

I’m finding the hub too slow in it responce to the pressing of the remote.

Even on the main screen, moving left and right, the icon on the botton take too long to pop-up and shake.

I’m looking for alittle more professionalism in the next WD Live TV Hub unit… something with mucle to do more, fast, and better.

djcalcutt wrote:


I’m looking for alittle more professionalism in the next WD Live TV Hub unit… something with mucle to do more, fast, and better.

I’m thinking 1mg a day of HGH and a cycle of Dianabol injected directly into the rear USB port should do the trick.

Yeah, I guess I skipped the professionalism part. :smileyvery-happy: Sorry, it’s getting late.

Seriously though, how much raw power do you expect from a $170 box that includes a TB drive? You could build an HTPC running  XBMC with the type of “muscle” you want, and similar features as the HUB, but it would cost you a lot more, not including the time spent on the build and the optimization.

I have yet to hear / read of anyone overclocking  their HUB so far, so I’ll wait to see if any of the hardware Guru’s on the board have a real answer for you,  but I seriously doubt it. Speed is both subjective and relative. I personally find the box to be more than quick enough for my needs, but that does not discount the fact that it is not fast enough to meet yours.


or wdtv live hub over clock  :wink:


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Sweet. We need more rebuses in this forum, :laughing:


You most likely already know this, but some may not.

It seems to run quicker with the ML turned off, especially as file count gets larger and larger.


ok what id ML?

Well here is an issue, as a Professional photographer, my family picture are 8-25 MB in size, and at last count, I think I have 46-47 thousand pictures on my NAS drive, and more if you count the videos.

Try playing your media library with 46,000+ picture and playing them randomly…

About every 10th ot so picture, it pauses for a couple of minutes and contunues…

Now try laying msic in the back ground.

I’d like to pay more for a better, professinal unit. I’d like to see pictures played randomly, just like my windows media center. Now that require a bit more CPU to pan tilt zoom the slide show.

I’d also like to see the title, and path of the picture on the screen in a smaller font, to identify the photo ( i sort them by date and event)… you know… Maybe we ca ask for a…

WD LIVE TV PRO HUB… ya thats it… same old device with a super charged CPU and more memory, more… more… more

I feel for you and we all want more faster. LOL

I use 16tb of drive storage now and put things in folders, with names that help me find things.

The only time I use the media library, is to enable the “get info” option.

Boot times are much quicker, but I have no sort. (folders and/or drives do show alphabetically though)

If they come out with a WD that does everything we all want, that would be great, but I’m pretty sure it will cost to much for my budget. LOL

Happy hunting, Dan

You know, even at 300 for a media player, I would pay…

Dont forget, R&D is expensive.

But 170 dollars for each WDTVLIVE HUB, times how many where sold, is alot of money. I think thay can do alot better.

I did look at [http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/nyrius-nyrius-aires-home-wireless-hd-transmitter-navs500-navs500/10203206.aspx](http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/nyrius-nyrius-aires-home-wireless-hd-transmitter-navs500-navs500/10203206.aspx)

I might use the TV as a second monitor in the greatroom, and use media center on it… hmmm interesting.

I find using a minimal inteface helps. For my background image i use a solid black picture stretched to fit. For theme i use riveted by Manny or the one called dark light i think Tin Warble made it. It allows for a slightly larger cover image and condenses the movie info niceley in a box. I add all of my info to the movies and do all my cover art by hand so to not have the rotating screenshots. I think those come from the database they use when you auto update the tag info. I used to have all the videos in one folder but since i have them in catagories now. For my horror collection which is what i use the hub for i have folders a-z and one 0-9 for numbered titles. I went online and got some icons for letters and used a photo resizer to make them the size of the movie covers to display the alphabet. structure is as follows.

0-9 (folder)

0-9 art.jpg

0-9 (folder)

then your movies xml and covers inside the second folder.

I have the media library thing turned off because i am constantly moving things around. There are little speed issues once you have highlighted each cover with the remote and cached the thumbnails. Currently there are 1300 plus low bitrate horror backups in the horror folder from my collection. 300 - 450 mb each but when the hub renders them to the tv it looks like dvd quality. Hopefully some of this info is helpful to someone cheers :slight_smile: