OUTPUT DlnaServer\Controller\Database GET SUCCESS?


Can anyone explain what this message indicates:-

WDMyCloud:~# tail -1 /var/log/user.log

Jul 20 02:20:32 WDMyCloud REST_API[2739]: OUTPUT DlnaServer\Controller\Database GET SUCCESS

The IP adrs is that of my PC (win7).  I ask because I don’t expect any dlna traffic between my PC and WDMC so if there is something there then I want to disable it.  I’ve previously disabled WMPNetworkSharing Service on my PC.



If you have disabled the DNLA server there should not be any communication of that kind.


Did you get to a solution for this? I am getting 2 lines of this message every minute and my user.log file is evenually take all of the disk space :frowning:

The DNLA server is turned off on the control panel.

thanks & best regards