Outlook and MyCloud

Is it possible to Combine Outlook with My Cloud. What happens when I use the the synchronisation function with the Outlook-files on my desktop-PC and my Laptop. Will I have on all my devices synchronized files lol - or an Outlook crash :-).

@Derwolf Do you have WD Sync? How do you backup your files? Below is an image from my desktop computer. I do not backup all my email due to the amount I get, but you can see SmartWare has backed up some items I have in Outlook. Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.

Because I use SmartWare I am adding this from the SW User Manual.


Have you looked at this along with the downloads for WD Sync?


Thank you for this information. That means I only can backup outlook-files to my cloud and not working with outlook from the cloud. Too useful is the hint with SmartWave, will try it :slight_smile:

Do you want to backup the Outlook PST file to the My Cloud or do you want to attempt to run the Outlook PST file from the My Cloud? If the former you can use WD Sync or WD Smartware to sync or backup the Outlook PST (and other relevant files) to the My Cloud. Note that when a file is in use it may not be backed up or synced to the My Cloud.

If you want to run the Outlook file from the My Cloud you could try moving it over and storing it on the My Cloud. However if the Outlook PST file is very large Outlook may bog down as it tries to access that PST file from across the local network.

The following Microsoft article may be relevant.


Thank you Bennor for your competente answer. That’s what I wanted to know :slight_smile: