Outline server

I wonder if its possible to install the outline server in MyCloud version 1.
If yes, how.

Tnx in advance


@mauriga Have you read the User Manual? [My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (wdc.com)]

Have you read all the information WDMyCloudInfoIcon and Help information provided in the Dashboard?

You can check the Knowledge Base too.

Tnx for your not answer.
I do read the user manual more than one time.
So any help ab my question?


What is “outline server”? This https://getoutline.org/ ?

The main problem with trying to hack anything into the first gen My Cloud OS is the custom nature of the OS itself. It is not standard Linux, rather one has to build the package for it. Primarily the problem is, if I remember right, due to the non standard page size WD used in the first gen firmware.

Instead one may have to install a custom OS firmware, various discussions on various alternate OS’s in the following link, and then try to install what ever the server is that you are asking about.

I rem that discussion.
I’ll study.


I’m not sure of what you want to do so I gave you links to information and suggested you read info and Help to see if you can do what you are trying. Have you done a Google search?

outline server - Google Search