Out of Region Drives

2years ago and now still too hard drive for me and theres no step by step instruction on how to change country of my out of region drives for RMA… HOPING WD will fix this thanks


According to this KB articleL  Explanation for “No Limited Warranty”, “Out of Region”, “Invalid Serial Number”, and “Out of Limited Warranty”, Out of region means: “The product is outside the region (Americas, Europe-Middle East-Africa, or Asia-Pacific) where it was originally shipped. Western Digital sells hard drives directly and indirectly to most countries in the world. When hard drives are sold to specific regions of the world, they are sold with explicit warranties applicable to those regions only. When these hard drives leave their designated regions, their limited warranty no longer applies. The hard drive will have to be shipped back to the same region for which the drive’s warranty was created or contact the store of purchase for a replacement.”

In order to update the region on your drive I recommend you contact support directly.

Contact WD