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Hello. I have been using my WD TV LIVE HUB for over one year now. I have never had any problems with this device. Until now. 

When I start the device - connected with HDMI - my TV - SONY - does not detect anything and shows me a message: “Out of range”!!! What does it mean? The funniest thing is, that the my device works on EVERY SINGLE TV that I could test the device on. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And then, when I go home again, it stops working, and the TV shows “Out of range”. 

The problem occurred after one year of usage. 

I also tried to update my TV - just to be sure - but it did not change anything. 

What is the problem and how do I solve it?

PS. Just to make it more funny, the internet store, that I bought it at, is now under bankruptcy :wink:

You’d need to consult your TV manual, as that message is coming from the TV, not the WD.

Turn on the WD and wait a few minutes for it to fully boot up  (the WD Logo will stop flashing.)

Then use a stylus or a toothpick or something and press the RESET button (on the bottom) for about 2 seconds.  That will restore the box back to factory settings.

If that doesn’t work, try a new HDMI cable.

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  1. Maybe you have right that I should check the TV manual, but I doubt it. It has always been working with my TV withhout any problems. 

  2. I already tried to RESET but it does not help. 

  3. The new cable does not change anything.

On the menu Setup -> Audio/Video output -> Video Output is it showing HDMI(Auto) ?

If so, then change to a specific (lower) resolution like 720i. It’s possible it’s a negotiation issue or a signalling issue at higher resolutions.

Since apparently you only have this one HDMI TV readily available, unplug the HDMI and try a component or composite cable to browse to the menus. I believe you can still view and adjust the Video Output setting for HDMI items when using analog video. Once set to a lower resolution, unplug the analog video cable, attached the HDMI cable and restart the hub.

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It sounds like it could be the solution. I’ll try tonight and let you know. 

I just tried the suggested method but it does not reallt work. I can use my device with compsite video, and the still change the settings for HDMI-connection. I set the lowest possible resolution but it did not help. I tried to restart and use HDMI, nut withoy any luck. 

“Out of range” is back on the screen. 

So, other propositions out there? Please :wink:

Since the hub works fine on all other HDMI input TVs but yours, the TV’s HDMI input may be at fault.

  1. Try another HDMI input on the TV if it has one.

  2. Plug another HDMI output device (e.g. DVD player)  into the same HDMI input of your TV.

  3. Possibly a physically damaged HDMI connector in the TV. HDMI connectors are notorious for failing because the cable itself is quite heavy but the connector in the electronics is fragile. Moving equipment around with HDMI cables connected is a recipe for disaster. When you attach the HDMI cable, does it feel wobbly? If so, possibly it’s cracked. First generation (i.e. older) electronics seem to be more prone to this. Manufacturers lately have improved on this front.

  4. If it in fact appears to be the HDMI side in the TV, get yourself component cables. At least the resolution is much better than composite.

The “out of range” indication from your TV says, “I see something but I can’t make sense of it”. A partial electronic failure (driver/receiver) on the TV side could cause this. HDMI uses multiple pins in the connector to communicate. It’s a bit more complicated than the analog video. Since other sets are fine with the hub, then it’s most likely this. Unless the set is still under warranty, you may need to work around it with component on the video.

A final note if you use component. You may need to use the composite video to set the resolution of the component output. Same Audio/VIdeo output menu that I’ve mentioned is where you set the component resolution.  Older TVs may not work with the “p” resolutions (progressive). But that’s typically limited to CRT TVs. Since your TV supports HDMI, it very likely supports progressive. Just a warning in case you change to component and the video appears scrambled.

  1. I tried other all 4 HDMI.inputs. The same problem occurs.

  2. I tried other HDMI-devices. Works just fine. DVD-players and Apple-TV: no problems. 

  3. It does not look that anything is destroyed. 

  4. Maybe I should give up and just use component. Not the same quality but what to do???

Or maybe buy something new from WD, which by the way makes cool stuff. (My student wallet is not happy) :wink:

Getting thin on ideas but make sure your HDMI is set to 8 bit vs. 12 bit on the hub. I don’t think the YPrPb vs. RGB settings would make a difference but that’s another possibility.

What’s odd is it works OK on other TVs and all HDMI inputs on your TV work with other HDMI devices. It’s just the pairing of the two that fail. 

You can try rolling back the hub’s firmware but that’s a stretch. Obviously something changed in a subtle way.

The worst case is using component as you said, the quality will suffer a bit.

Component cables are now ordered :wink: Thanks for your help guys and I will let you know if I one day find a real solution. 

In your original message, you stated that you had a Sony TV.  Have you tried to contact them for support?  It won’t matter that your retailer or distributor is in bankrupcy.