Out of Network Access Help

My Cloud works perfectly fine when I’m in my home network…but once I leave the comforts of my home my access goes bye bye… I always get a “Device Offline” message…how do I get access when I’m out of my home network?

downloadd user manaul and goto services http://support.wd.com/product/install.asp?groupid=904&lang=en

and you also need this


What are you trying to connect with, a tablet, laptop, phone etc.? Are you using apps, wd2go or how are you trying to connect?

The more info you provide the easier it is to help.

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cat0w (USA)



Trying to connect with Iphone and using Iphone App.

and you enabled remote access, and port forwarding? and also you gave your mycloud a static IP address (change in dashboard to static)? If yes to all of this, then either portwarding is not working but you should have a relay connection?!!!, or your network is down or blocked.