Other people can't access folders in public

so here’s my problem:

if i copy a folder from my private user folder to the public share in mybook live, then other people on my network still can’t access that folder even though it’s now located in the public space… why is that? 

i even tested that myself in osx lion… i can access the new folders fine if i am connected as me, but i can’t access them as a guest… lion tells me that the folder “xx” can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents.

That sounds like a bug to me, can you access those folders from other operating systems?

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yeah, i checked on 2 different computers and on my bd player.

the bd player can access those folders just fine, so does the windows laptop

it seems that the problem lies with lion (both laptops that i tried use lion)

so what does this mean? it’s a bit of a pain considering that 3 out of 4 computers use lion at my household… and i often share things through the public folder. the only workaround that i figured out at this moment is to copy stuff from my user to my mac, then i log out, and copy them back to the public folder using a guest account… 

can somebody else with lion try this out? create a folder in public while signed in with a private user, then log out, and see if you can open it as a guest.