"Other" in Capacity - over 100G!

Hi there! What is the “Other” in capacity? I have only video files on MyCloud 4Tb. And “Other” - 110 Gb. What is that? Can it be deleted?

Other is simply listing the files that the My Cloud has scanned that do not fall into the categories of Music, Video or Photos. The Other category may include media files that are not supported by the My Cloud Media Server (Twonky) or the My Cloud file scanner.

Is there a possibility to see - what exactly files inside this category?

See as in how? Currently it is the firmware that is choosing which files go into what category. One would have to review the firmware files to figure out how the firmware is categorizing the files.

The Capacity section in the My Cloud Dashboard can sometimes be in error. Currently the only way to see what files are where on your My Cloud is to use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder, or software on a Mac/PC, to search through the files and the Shares to see what is where.

Bear in mind that using WD Sync will, depending on how it’s configured, copy files (from the computer to the My Cloud) that may be classified as Other by the firmware.

Here is answer! .ts files - for WD System are not “Video” files! These files refers to “Others”.

The first few years I had my Cloud I had put a lot of music and videos files on it and Other did not have much storage shown. Then I installed Plex a few years later and ihen Other started to bloat to nearly the same size as my videos and music collection which is now nearly 1TB each.

Maybe Plex re-copied the media I have saved on my NAS into Other for its own use!

How you install Plex on WD MyCloud?

Officially you can’t. Plex is not supported on the single bay/single drive My Cloud versions. Only the multi bay My Cloud models officially support Plex. Unofficially there are possible ways to attempt Plex installation on a single bay/single drive My Cloud with varying degrees of success. Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to search for those past discussions. Note that the process is different for each of the two single bay My Cloud firmware versions.

Most times people run Plex on another device or computer since the hardware capabilities of the single bay My Cloud are so limited. People then map the My Cloud Share(s) to that device so Plex can find the media files stored on the My Cloud.

FYI, I use PLEX on a My Cloud built to run ii – a high-end, multi-bay unit.