".other" files in detailed view?

Hi there, 

I just found out, that a huge part of my NAS is occupied by “other” files besides photos and music. I have about 40 GB of music and the “other” files therefore are about 110 GB. 

Does anybody know what kind those other files could be? Any way to delete them or a part of them? 

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What is the " other" file?

Are you seen the files directly on the drive or on a software?

Just open the folder ( if on the drive ) and check the content

Hi there, 

the “other” files are viewable only when I’m in the GUI and do a mouseover on the bar down there. It then shows “.fotos, .music” and “.other” whereas “other” is larger than both fotos and music together. 

Actually, I do only have pics and mp3s on the server…