OSX wants Username and Password

Go to move content to the new My Cloud Home Duo.
Mac OSX wants server user name and password.

“Modifying My Cloud 3xxxxx requires an administration name and password.”
Then a window appears with “Enter your username and password”
No matter what combination I use, it is not recognised by Mac OSX.

I feel frustrated I can’t use this thing. It’s just an expensive box on the desk.

I’m not able to move any files or folders to the device with out MacOSX wanting the server "WD username and password.

Where do I find the username and password for the device?

I found the solution.
Once I had installed the WD Discovery App, the WD My Cloud Duo is mounted in the finder side bar and I can easily move files and folders without needing server passwords and usernames.

I had completely missed this, with the set up being so mobile focused.

I had clicked the link but it didn’t work. I then used another mac and it all came together, so I repeated on the original Mac. Everything has come together.

Hope this helps others. I couldn’t find the answer anywhere.