OSX questions

Hi all,

I’ve just purchased a 2TB my book live and I have a few questions relating to backing up my mac and acessing photos on my ipad.

I have an imac running osx Lepoard and am going to upgrade to mountain lion however before I do this I am planning to back up using time machine first.

Basically as I understand it timemachine will create an image of my current imac so that I can restore the whole lot if it goes **bleep** up, which is fine but I gather that I wont be able to use the w2go app to access individual files via my ipad?

So is the following possible - 

Back up my imac using time machine plus also along side this also back up my iphoto library so that when my mac is switched off I can use the w2go app to view my photos?

Can anyone also tell me if the WD my book like is compatible with osx mountain lion?


In this case you may need to copy your iPhoto Library manually to the MBL.