OSX network issues WD World book edition ( white light)

Hello Community , 

im facing some problems when trying to access over wifi and ethernet cable with specific folders on my world book,  i have a small office with 2 PCs running Windows 7 and 2 IMacs running OSX 10.6.7 connected to a router and plugged to to my WD WBE HDD , all systems where running fine with the HDD over network , and out of nowhere , the HDD disconnects and reconnects  , and now only my windows machines can access all files and my Imacs cant access any ( finder just freezes) , my laptop (MAC) also connects to the HDD via wifi  has the same problem now.

tried turning it off and on with no luck … only windows machines can read the HDD files.

hope you can help !

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I have the exact same problem! Only just happened a couple of days ago. This is slightly suspicious. I look forward to hearing the solution for this. My network’s become a pain having to use slow USB hard drives to transfer files!

have you tried this on the mac  link

The solution given on the Mac pages shows the standard way to connect to any remote server using SMB. However, the normal protocol for the Mac is AFP and the WorldBook normally permitted that type of connection until 2 days ago on my home network. In fact, it is the automatic connection of choice for Time Machine, which is not given the opportunity to use any other protocol (the share only appears when using the Time Machine preference pane) but, when attempting to set up Time Machine to use ‘WD_Backup’, the preference pane hangs and has to be forced to quit. I had been using Time Machine on the network drive since last October without any problem, but it suddenly stopped working on Saturday (during a full Windows backup from another machine), had to be rebooted and then couldn’t be connected to by any of my Macs. BTW, if you use the Mac solution but insert ‘afp’ instead of ‘smb’, you’ll be given the list of shares to connect but, after selection, the Finder will hang!! It seems too much of a coincidence that this should happen to so many unconnected people; WD - an answer please?

I have this same issue, which has also reared its head recently.

SMB works fine; FTP works; but I get beachballing and a blank screen with some - but not all - folders via AFP.

I tried restarting MBWE of course, but all this seems to do is change which folders refuse to load.  Tried clearing Apple’s cache files, but with similar results.  I can’t yet see anything that’s strictly consistent.

The problem mainly seems to happen with a connected USB drive (via MBWE over wifi) - though it is not limited to this, and perhaps just seems this way because that is the drive I access most often.

I’d had troubles with Time Machine around the time I first noticed this problem - it was refusing to start.  I tried fixing permissions etc, but eventually the problem rectified itself.  Did you have any such trouble?