OSD Theme - Simple & Sweet


I’ve modify OSD or I should say the default theme. Its simple, but has the flair of using some of Tim’s mojo msp and movie sheets, with some  changes on the theme, not the sheets its self ; and shouldn’t be intrusive with any firmware update, I hope… Its ready but I am doing some additional tweaks and should be ready by Friday or Sat; its simple and sweet…

Im not trying to take away anyones creative beauty, taste, hardwork, just wanted to add my fair, I Hope No One Minds… 

But I do have a question for Tim or any theme developer, lets say Im using Video/preview  (rv_preview_browse_page.xml), Im using Tim’s Mojo MSP version,  displaying Jpeg’s  with the movie cover on the bottom of the screen, showing 8 covers, with the frame, going to left to right or vice or versa; and what Im trying to do / figure, can I display 2 same covers, meaning if Im scrolling from left to right, and once the frame moves to the next, could I display the bottom cover and the same cover in the preview box for 2 seconds and the preview movie starts???

I hope I made some sense… half a sleep…  Any thoughts 

Well, first it’s TiN (TiNwarble).

However, if you are talking about trying to display the cover like you would for the poster image (the larger cover art) in the gallery view, then the answer is no.

Preview doesn’t accept the “disable” function for the Preview view for thumbnails.  So as where you can display the thumbnail twice, you can not display it just for the focused thumbnail.

Sorry Tin…  Dont you sleep, I thought you are on the east coast, anyhow, you’re saying I cant…  meaning even if I wanted to display it (Single cover) next to the preview screen.  Eight bottom, once selected it shows next to the preview…box… right it cant…  Any other thoughts… 

Not a problem, but yeah I do sleep for a few minutes.:wink:

If what your asking is if you can have a second cover display for just the focused cover (meaning that when you are highlighted on a cover thumbnail, a second one will appear and only it), then no.   There’s really no way around this either, what your attempting has already been tried.  The views will only accept certain inputs, and the Preview view doesn’t accept the input to disable the thumbnails like it does for the focused thumbnail (that is disabled when not focused on) in Gallery view nor will it use “table” like is used in the List view to display the thumbnail when focused.

Also, @@poster doesn’t work for Preview view.

To make it work without the @@poster, you would need to use some like this:

      <image name=“th0_f” image="@@browse_0_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_0" x=“78” active="@@act-browselist-0" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_0" />

The green part is what tells the HUB to not display the thumbnail (cover art) when not focused.  But in the Preview view it does not understand this line.

So basically, no there’s no way to do this, at least not using any known variables.