OSD SImplicity

 Hello all

This is my first semi Simplistic complete theme.  This theme has flair between the OSD and MOJO MSP presentation; that came from our resident expert Tin Warble, thank you. The theme represents in a very flexible, simple and has the best of both worlds, meaning, if any updates to the firmware is made, it’s highly unlikely the developer like myself, will need to rush and update the theme. The theme‘s core was not touch, rather the presentation of the 5 main modules was.

Please, if you like this theme,  then don’t forget to give KUDO’s to show you’re Thanks.

Not to forget, Thank You to Tin Warble, who designed  MOJO MS AND MSP Theme, which is the core theme which was modify, with the use of numerous icons, code and whatever I could scrape from his great theme.

Thank you and Enjoy….

Just download and unzip into the **[](file://wdtvlivehub/WDTVLiveHub/.wd_tv/theme) **wdtvlivehub.wd_tv\theme


would like to see it, any screenshots you can share??

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Question, instead me using a camera, is there any other way for me getting a a screen shots off the hub??

Here’s the scrren shots…




Here’s some of the screen shots, Ive just resized, chnage the background, positions etc…

nice, clean and simple

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