Os5 vs os3 - it does less?

Plex media server is available in the My Cloud OS 5 App Store for use.

I have mine upgraded to OS5 and Plex works okay. You have tto reinstall it though.

What a mistake, loss of squeezebox functionality, I’m not sure how to build an alternative. Have seen some Pi recommended in topics related to this issue, but haven’t got any experience with Pi…

Thank you so much for giving me some hope!
Unfortunately, I have MyCloud EX2 Ultra, would similar reversion process be also possible with it?

My WD Sync does no more work after OS5 … So I deinstalled it on y windows PC… BUT now… surprise… I do not find a WD SYNC anymore to download from WD. Did they skip it … what is the replacement??

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Get the one from the WD App Store or directly from Media Server Downloads | Plex Media Server for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and More

Don’t do it - Samsung TV , Arcam Hi-Fi and Roberts radio can no longer see the Nas. And customer support is a bad joke !!!
Gonna sell it and buy something that actually does what i want, OS3 was fine

One additonal difference between OS3 and OS5 which is important when uploading pictures from Apple iOS device to e.g. WD MyCloud (OS3) or WD Mycloud EX2 Ultra (OS5):

Number of pictures possible to upload from Apple iOS to WD MyCloud device:

  • WD OS3: unlimited (or at least: no limit experienced yet by me)
  • WD OS5: 20 pictures

This is ridiculous.

I have an WD MyCloud device since many years working well also as family sharing for all pictures taken since 2002 (more than 50.000 pictures).

I followed the WD advice to buy a new device (EX2 Ultra) and went through the pain of migrating all data and back-up procedures to the new device.

Now, finally all done, I try to upload pictures from the last holiday - and have to discover in trial and error mode that there is a limit of 20 pictures for a single upload to WD EX2 Ultra (OS5) action using the “share sheet” function in iOS 15.2.1. When 21 or more pictures are selected the “Share with My Cloud” icon in the iOS menu “Share Sheet” disappears!

Instead I gained a nice to have “display the thumbnail of the picture which is currently in process of being uploaded”.

Thanks guys, for having mentioned some other alternative products - i will now start to investigate an exit path.

Regards, Ralf.

An aside question. My current wd mycloud is immediately recognized by both of my Roku players throughout my network. I tried an WDCloud Home. Nope. The Roku could not see the Home. I Was was told by wd tech that i would need to install plex. What ? When the notice came out I asked before purchasing if the Home would act exactly like my old WDMycloud. I returned the device and am looking at the MyCloud expert EX2 Ulta, That has DLNA. I am under the impression that will give mw direct access to the drive contents with the Roku. All my mac iOS devices work just fine for now with OS3.

simple functions that I use locally,like copy between folders/devices , file management with date/size stamps are very necessary and to wait for days so the system can created thumbnails on 100K+ files is crazy - Ill stick with OS3 too

I was seriously thinking about purchasing a PR4100 system. However if files are limited to a max of only 5GB that may be a killer for me. I don’t see any response from WD in this thread as to what they are going to do about this if anything.

To be clear;

It is file transfers across the OS/5 web and phone apps that have the 5gb limit.

For local file access using file explorer/finder. . .that limit does not apply.

I have several of the older My CLOUD NAS devices from WD, with Twonky, and then I purchased one of the newer My CLOUD NAS devices which no longer came with twonky. I think that was back in 2018, but the new device was a very basic NAS with minimal media server capabilities. I use the WD media player which worked very well with twonky on the older My CLOUD and I guess when WD stopped making their WD media player they decided to remove Twonky from the My CLOUD.

There are work around for this, such as accessing the MKV file directly as a file rather than through a twonky stream, but in that case the Synology is a much more flexible product so i would use that NAS. As a result I tend to be very suspicious about any upgrades from WD, as I like my TwonkyServer.

If you upgrade to Version 5, does TwonkyServer remain, or is it removed.

I own and old SingleBay Gen2 of 8 TB and very happy with it. It’s really a faithful device and has an incredible endurance. I know it’s old but at the same time quite efficient. After the upgrade to OS5, which I was very reluctant to do, the mobile app for iOS improved enormously, particularly its backup feature which backups every picture in my iPhone 12 specially while travelling abroad. There are some drawbacks displaying EXIF data and I would add a function to sort the photos within an album alphabetically.

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you forget : no download button for folders !!! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: