OS5 Upgrade Issues

This upgrade has been a nightmare! First I could not access the App Page. After reading Community I was able to perform a SYSTEM ONLY reset to restore the apps; however, this also forced me to go back and enter my personal settings.

I have seen numerous concerns on the INDEXING issue. My indexing has been running for several days and has caused the unit to run hot. I have had serious concerns that this will end up damaging my unit and have received a “fan warning”. It would be disturbing if this upgrade causes me to loss everything. If I have to buy another it will not be a WD.

Lastly, many have expressed concerns about the loss of functionality. While most of the changes are things I can live without, it is not satisfactory that I have lost functionality that is the reason I purchased the unit. I also miss the graphics that displayed the storage space by file type. It this functionality severely degraded the performance, I would understand, but there has been no explanation.

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Wow - OS5 issues are wide spread. Misery definitely loves company after reading this forum!!

I upgraded to OS5 last week. Use EX2Ultra for TimeMachine backups and to save key files for household. Upgrade was fine. THEN…the indexing forever issue. Installed the iOS apps on iPhone and iPad. Use passcode for add’l security. NOW - I have passcode being deactivated regularly and inability to access my files remotely.

Sent message to WD for help. Two days & counting…no response. Today, went on Forum…wow. So now I have to check my temp’s? Fan speed? At least I confirmed everyone is similarly having Indexing issues. I previously rebooted NAS to regain web access, but although this resolved for short periods (a few hrs), I would eventually lose access again (and ■■■■ passcode toggle was deactivated…again). And now I know why it would start the Indexing all over again!

Man - agree w/ all the posts. How can a very good product (WD EX2Ultra 8TB w/ OS3) turn into a big ■■■■ pile of mess that is leaving me no solutions to back up my data or figure out how to restore web access? At least I read a post to turn off web access of TimeMachineBackup which was helpful. Thumbnails? that’s the big improvement?

Patiently awaiting a firmware revision or at least some acknowledgement by WD. Won’t hold my breath.

Please log into the AdminUI Dashboard, select the TimeMachineBackup share and turn off “Mobile & Web App Access”. This will prevent the indexing of the TimeMachineBackup located inside of the share. The TimeMachineBackup indexing filter is fixed in the next firmware release.


Thank you SBrown for the response. Nice to have WD looking into this. I installed the latest firmware today (5.05.111 - thanks!) and my accessibility to my EX2Ultra via iOS devices is back. No more random disconnections and web UI shows “connected” now vs a constant “retrieving” or indexing. Only issue now appears to be same random nature of passcode on MyCloud apps on both iOS devices being removed. It’s like it defaults to no additional security. I haven’t tried Face ID on the app settings, but assume it will also be problematic until the OS5 app gets also updated. But nice again to have some of this back working like OS3.