[OS5] Unable to move data between the disks?


If i have data on Volume_1 and need to move it to Volume_2, How can I do this?

Well, with SSH i got denied error, i only can move data if destination and source is in the same Volume, from vol1 to 2 I got “access denied”.

And, accessing mycloud.com the file manager allow me to move data, only on the same volume too.

Why not use the OS’s (e.g Windows/Mac) native file manager to move the content via SMB?

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Cause my pc will download and then upload. With native file manager from the nas the transfer is direct disk-to-disk, 100% more faster. It looks better right?!

In addition to taking twice as long, I need to keep my computer on all the time, if I have a lot of data i got a big problem. It is totally ridiculous for a NAS like the EX4100 to not have its own/native file manager.

I see. If this is a recurring task, perhaps the Internal Backup app may be able to help.


Okay, I’ll test it. But suggest to the developers the return of the internal file manager (as there was in the version before OS5).

On internal file manager would be MOST helpful.

I have occasional need to transfer large amounts (2+TB) of data between USB drives and the NAS. I the past, I have used the “backup app” as my only recourse. . . but it is clearly not the right tool for the job considering the INFLEXIBILITY in the folder naming conventions.

A native file manager makes a huge amount of sense.

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That’s weird. And you’re using sshd user?

Yes, man. Xing/Ling NAS devices have more powerful (and complete) OS features. No excuses WD, put the file manager back on the next FW upgrade.

I am more-or-less a simpleton.

I have rarely, if ever, done the SSH thing.
Like I said, for the rare times I have to do the USB transfer; I have put up with the backup app (which recreates the ENTIRE folder structure on the target). Fortunately, once the data is on the correct drive; it is fairly easy (and quick) to fix the folder structure using the graphical File Explorer

I probably could do file movements using DOS on my PC. . .but I don’t.

Frankly. . . I could see using a graphical NAS file browser/management tool than a WebApp/phone app.

I can move with Putty. But, take a lot of time because is more difficult without one native file manager, GUI interface make the service more easy ans faster.