OS5 Necessary UX Improvements

  1. Once I select a default player, the “built in” player should be disabled. It’s cumbersome to have to select “more/open in” each time I want to use MX Player.
  2. When uploading, the thumbnails are useless. Unless the preview shows something you can recognize, you have no idea what the videos are. Need the ability to display a list of files to select from.
  3. It’s really slow. Many times I end up clicking twice because I can’t tell that the UI responded to my click/tap.
  4. Bring back copying/moving between shares.
  5. Seems like I should be able to single click on a video and immediately play it in my default player. Having to click through the next screen is redundant and clumsy.
  6. After deleting a video from the “preview screen”, bring the user back to the folder file list.
  7. The “preview screen” should contain the file name.

I’m sure I’ll have more suggestions. Really wish I hadn’t “upgraded” to OS5.