OS5 MyBookLive, MyCloudMirror(Gen1), MyCloudPR2100

I currently using OS3 on my iPad, and iPhone to access MyBookLive, MyCloudMirror(Gen1), and MyCloudPR2100. On WD support page it states OS5 is not available on MyCloudMirror(Gen1), and no supported on MyBookLive at all.
So my question is if I upgrade to OS5, can I still log on to my MyCloud account to access all three NAS?

@PYeung You can still use the My Cloud OS 3 mobile and web app with your My Book Live and Mirror Gen1 product. You’ll need to use the OS 5 web and mobile app for the PR2100 when updated to My Cloud OS 5.

Thanks, but according to WD, https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/29389, I will lose the ability to transfer/copy files between my MyBookLive, MyCloudMirror(Gen1) and the upgraded OS5 PR2100… I could only access PR2100 with the iPhone OS5 app alone…
I guess I stay with OS3 then.

@PYeung That’s correct. However, content can still be transferred using Windows Samba or macOS Finder using the local computer.

Thank you for the reply. All three of my NAS are located separately. I use iPhone OS3 and website mycloud.com to access, copy/move files. No familiar with Samba… Anyway, I think I wouldn’t upgrade my PR2100 to OS5.