OS5 Move Files Between Shares

Can OS5 allow movement of files and folders across shares as it worked in OS3.

Movement of files between shares can be accomplished in macOS Finder or Windows File Explorer but not through the My Cloud OS 5 Web and Mobile app.


Thanks SBrown,

I know I can move files through mac or windows OS but that is much slower than doing it directly on the NAS in the way you could with OS3.

I can see on the support forum that I am not alone in thinking this is a big backward step. Will this function be reinstated in a future firmware upgrade?

I have two WD NAS, one of them cant seem to upgrade to OS5 and the OS5 version is better in many ways but this is a pain.

I will need to upgrade NAS soon for more space so its quite likely that I will look at your competitors now who offer more convenience managing very large file library.



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OS3 had web file viewer which enabled file/folder operations without tying up your PC or over the web if remote. WD in their infinite wisdom decided to deprecate a ton of useful features and have been adding them back one at a time based on where user outcry is the highest. At the current rate, they look solid to catch up to OS3 feature set in a couple of years!